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Furniture Finery

 Blik and Studio Jan Habraken bring you striking life-sized, furniture silhouettes and flourish for your chair backs. A unforgettable statement from the ever-clever folks at Blik.


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Eames Hang It All

Charles and Ray Eames designed the Hang it All in 1953 for Tigrett Enterprises Playhouse Division. It almost seems a shame to cover it up – it is more like a piece of sculpture. Believe it or not, it is only about $150 for this beautiful little piece of modern design history.

July 9, 2008 at 8:33 pm 2 comments

Porada Italy Knows How to Hang

Porada Italy has some of the sleekest looking butlers and coat hangers around. Their geometric forms make them stand-alone artworks. Add in the function on keeping you clothes neat and your room tidy and you’ve got a winning combination. In New York, you can find Porada furniture and accessories at Eurotrend on Broome. Porada has some really great looking tables, chairs and an awesome collection of mirrors that I will definitely post very soon.

April 24, 2008 at 8:58 pm 2 comments

Happy Salad

Coming up with a functional, stylish and affordable gift is never easy to do. Awhile back, I came across these cool salad tongs at Scandihoovians in Los Angeles.  The product is by Menu, a Danish company that designs home accents – from wine accessories to vases and the salad tongs pictured here. Designed by Bent Falk, this ingenious set combines a smiley faced fork and a spoon that can be used alone, or in tandem. What is so cool about these servers is how they interlink to become tongs. Once linked, they are springy to the touch. At $42, these are a great find.

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Blik Surface Graphics

I like to post articles about things I am willing to pay for because it lends some credibility. By now, many of you have at least heard of BLIK. If not, its an LA based surface graphics company. Does that = stickers? Not really. Surface graphics are more like a custom mural. They are ultra-thin and lay flat on the wall. Blik offers a wide variety of wall graphics, text for creating prose on your walls or windows and all kinds of custom applications. I have given Blik as graduation gifts (teenagers think they’re cool) holiday gifts (I especially like the Blikmas Tree). One thing I didn’t realize with my first Blik purchase is that the removable graphics are single use and it does take some work to get the stickers off the wall. One exception is the Re-Stik line. I purchased Re-Stik Blik Robots for my youngest son. Its more fun for him to move them around. I did notice that the Re-Stiks seem a little thicker, which makes them really easy to get off the wall. In the $25 to $40 range, this makes a really nice gift.

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